Wednesday, December 10, 2014


The Budget recognises tough global and domestic challenges- especially on the twin deficits front and has tried to balance the responses to these.

The Budget has outlined government’s commitment for fiscal prudence and at the same time providing enough thrust to the Social sector. Stimulus given to the Capital/Debt Markets (by hike in income limit in RGESS, introduction of inflation indexed bonds and tax free infrastructure bonds) and the Infrastructure sector are big positives

Special impetus to the Education, Health, Housing (especially Rural) and MSMEs will go a long way in broadbasing the growth

Recognising the fact that Banks should be healthy and well capitalised, Rs. 14,000 crore has been provided for capitalisation of PSU banks. Move of setting up an All-Women Public Sector Bank is a novel idea, which is very much appreciable.

Over all, the budget has given required thrust to the deserving sectors so that growth momentum is built up ensuring stability.