Monday, December 22, 2014

N-Chandramouli-e1344867299133 (1)After the enormously successful, The Brand Trust Report by TRA, the brand insights company is set to launch its next report titled India’s Most Attractive Brand, 2013. This new report aims at measuring, understanding the enigma that is attraction and will list India’s 1000 Most Attractive brands based on its proprietary Attractiveness Quotient matrix. TRA (Trust Research Advisory), is dedicated to quantfying brand insights by measuring variables that influence consumer behaviour.

Speaking to the media on completion of the tedious fieldwork for India’s Most Attractive Brands, N. Chandramouli, CEO, TRA said,”Attraction is a complex force that is based on several different ‘pulls’.TRA has been able to put a scientific matrix to it to be able to measure the Attraction Quotient of brands. This means that now brands can actually measure how attractive they are. It is a breakthrough of sorts and this measure will help brands make informed decisions about the money they spend in advertisements.”

The expected study is the result of a primary syndicated research carried out 16 Indian cities, with interactions with more than 2500 consumer influencers. TRA developed the Attractiveness Quotient Matrix, ascientific tool made of 36 brand traits, clubbed into 12 attractiveness demeanours. These insights provide a granular analysis to help the brandimprove their communication and action, giving better efficiency and returns for their communication spends.

India’s Most Attractive Brands 2013 will have a reach of 10,000 decision makers and this report will be launched in October 2013.