Thursday, December 18, 2014


Priya Patel had awesome rocking 10 days in bhuj 

says’ Dreams khelaiya 2013 at bhuj – i had awesome rocking 10 days in bhuj…we had 15,000-20,000 crowd everyday in our dandia masti…i had leave my mark last year so this year it was so easy to catch these people…one of d best navratri bhuj ever had ….dreamum wakepum and nagada sang dhol baaje songs have left my marks there..people will remember me for an amazing performance on nagada sang dhol baaje ,this song from ‘raamleela’ is very popular in bhuj because of my rocking performance of 10 days…i have made this performance more beautiful by using a traditional umbrella,kutchi paghdi ,jhaalar ,gulaal n dhol nagada…my heart beats for bhuj…i m in love with bhuj and d people..they have hearts of gold ..i m so thankful to them for giving me so much love and care..and m also thankful to dreams foundation for calling me again n again to rock their city…

Dreams khelaiya 2013 at bhuj, Priya Patel had awesome rocking 10 days in bhuj