Thursday, February 22, 2018

Ice_Tea_Wagh_BakriThis summer just got cooler as Wagh Bakri Tea Group, the third largest packaged tea company in India has launched its range of Refreshing Ice Tea in 3 refreshing flavours of Lemon, Orange & Peach. Enriched with plenty of antioxidants and pure flavours, its juicy flavours swirl in your mouth and the healthy antioxidants give you an instant rush of energy.

The Wagh Bakri Tea Group conducted a research among the youth and has reached a conclusion that the consumption of aerated drinks during summer is not being preferred and hence tea being a healthy beverage can be consumed in Ice Tea form which is tasty and healthy too. The Wagh Bakri Ice Teas are fortified with vitamin C which has various health benefits.

The Wagh Bakri Ice Tea premix offers great convenience as the user just needs to empty the sachet in a vessel and then add cold water with or without ice cubes to the premix.  It can not only be consumed by youngsters replacing aerated drinks but can also be served as welcome drink to guests.

Available in three refreshing flavours Lemon, Orange & Peach. Lemon flavour available in 25g and 250g sachet whereas other 2 flavours are available in 25 g sachet with a price range of Rs. 10/- to Rs. 60/-.

Feel the flavours of Wagh Bakri Ice Tea caress your senses with every sip.