Thursday, February 22, 2018

The mere presence of actor FaFawad-khan-as-Giovani-manwad Khan at a fashion event pretty much justified the rise in temperatures in the city

On July 14, leading fashion brand Giovani introduced actor Fawad Khan as their brand ambassador.

At the event held at Taj Lands End in Mumbai, Giovani, which has been acquired by Future Lifestyle Fashions, officially announced their entry into the suits and jackets segment in the country.

The Fall Winter collection aimed at showcasing styles that were classic, sporty and ceremonial in nature.

From printed scarves to ties and pockets, each outfit was customised to create a different look and feel.

If one were to make any guesses, it looked like Giovani is here to redefine the way we looked at suits and jackets.

Giovani Collection is a traditional custom-tailoring shop who offers classic abusinessstyle13nd elegant clothing tailored with a refinement in the cut and outstanding workmanship.

Giovani Collection operates with the aim to provide superior custom tailored clothes to professionals at prices comparable to good quality ready-to-wear clothes, and with the commitment to create your clothes that complements your individuality, body type, and personal taste.

With Giovani’s sophisticated on-line tailoring service, you are not only electronically connected to the workshop, but also offered a new buying experience.

Giovani tailors a suit by your order only. Giovani gives you clothing reflecting the qualities of tailor workmanship and best of all, affordable fashion.

The product quality that lead to credibility is what Giovani Collection believes. So Giovani gives enormous significance tobusinessstyle5 Two factors that determine the quality of tailored clothes: the quality of the fabric used and the quality of the make of the clothes.

Giovani produces thier clothes to give you the clothes of exceptional appearance, comfort, and durability by using only the premium fabrics and materials. In assembling our clothes, we take special care in cutting, shaping, and sewing, with much of the work done by hand.

Giovani  believes clothes should be affordable. Giovani works hard to keep our prices fairest, while maintaining the best quality possible. Clothes from our workshop were hand-cut and sewn in an old fashion way by the highly skilled and experienced tailors. Giovani clothes are offered to you with features of high value custom clothes but in great prices. You will find that the finest clothes made by our tailors, ultimately, your best investment.