Thursday, February 22, 2018

9 out of 10 enterprises are already comIMG-20150716-WA0021promised, but lack the visibility and evidence to respond.

Now there’s a way to get past the fear, uncertainty and doubt.

Empower your security team to detect, contain and respond to ongoing attacks in minutes rather than months – before a breach causes lost or stolen data.

TaaSera NetTrust helps prevent data breaches, insider threats and business continuity disruption by detecting and analyzing evidence of hidden behaviors.

Founded in 2012, TaaSera has done commendable work in the cyber security space so far. TaaSera’s enterprise class solutions have been developed after years of research at the SRI InterIMG-20150716-WA0023national (formerly Stanford Research Institute) and have been duly patented.

These solutions once deployed, continuously monitor post-infection, pre-breach behaviors to provide the last line of defense against staging, reconnaissance, propagation, data acquisition, data exfiltration, insider threats and much more.

Taasera is here to make a difference:

Powered by a path-breaking Attack Warning & Response Engine (AWARE) system, TaaSera’s pre-emptive Breach Detection System, NetTrust operates on the inside of the perimeter defences – where the greatest damage from breaches actually occur.

The vast pool of information is thus automatically analyzed and tIMG-20150716-WA0020he exact details of the breach can be deduced.

The right algorithms detect malicious behaviors in context and provide actionable intelligence in real time, thus preventing data breaches and loss of business continuity.

Ecstatic at the launch of Taasera in the Indian Market, Mr. Nitin Akarte – Vice President International, TaaSera said,“India is indeed vulnerable to cybercrime on account of its growing economic progress.

Our market assessment phase has had great response and we are confident that our product in the Indian Cyber Defense arena will be a game changer”.IMG-20150716-WA0022

With documented breaches averted, an expanded base of Fortune 1000 clients and much success in the global market, TaaSera is set to revolutionize the Indian market with path-breaking behavior-based Risk Intelligence.

Mr. Scott- CEO of Taasera says that“Taasera is pleased to announce its India product Launch.

We are introducing an advanced technology designed to counter today’s increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks”