Thursday, February 22, 2018

A_Stall_at_Desta_MelaDestaGlobal, India’s leading socially conscious start-up, is committed to improve the livelihoods of farmers in rural India. In line with its commitment, the company conducted a one day event “Desta Mela” on December 22nd 2015 for the local farmers of Palghar District, Maharashtra. The objective of the event was to provide information on the latest farming products and innovative technology which will help the farmers to improve their farming income.

Today, Maharashtra is facing an acute drought and energy crisis which has the potential to either damage or completely destroy farm products.

DestaGlobal has been relentlessly creating awareness amongst the farmers to conserve water and electricity. Through ‘Desta Mela’ the company along with leading corporates, agri-experts, local dealers and progressive farmers aims to create awareness on their latest product offerings and innovative technology which will help the farmers to be more self-reliant.

‘Desta Mela’ witnessed over ten stalls exhibiting 100% organic agri-products to ensure long-term benefit, products including Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs), mulching paper, manure and two variants of D. Light Solar Lamps priced at Rs. 450 & Rs. 640. The company hosted a Desta Career stall to recruit local talents and train them for better job opportunities. It also tied-up with local agriculture university, to provide information on the available education and career opportunities to the farmer’s children. Some of the companies which participated in Desta Mela include Mahindra & Mahindra, D.light, SwaroMr._Mohnish_Sharma__CEO_Desta_Global_inaugurating_Desta_Mela_op Agro, Angel Seeds, EarthCare Nutrifoods amongst others. Desta Global felicitated the district dignitaries and awarded the progressive framers who adopted the newest technologies to increase the farming output.

Speaking about ‘Desta Mela’, Mr. Mohnish Sharma, CEO DestaGlobal said“The Indian economy is heavily dependent on agriculture and the livelihood of the Indian farmer largely depends on the monsoon rains. We at DestaGlobal have identified and are partnering with companies which have a social-bent of mind. Considering the current situation of the State, we aim to provide practical solutions to deliver time-sensitive results to the farmers. As we understand simply providing knowledge or products is not the solution. A systemic approach towards education and accessibility can lead to positive development in the Indian farming industry.”

Over the years, DestaGlobal has worked extensively with farmers and key stakeholders in rural Maharashtra. Through continuous discussion with the agri-experts and sellers of products on the portal, the company has also expanded the product portfolio to include irrigation & solar products that can show immediate results and effectively save the crops from damage. The Company has designed, manufactured and marketed innovative products, setup an extensive distribution system to supply bio-based products under private label besides third-party agricultural products to agri-stores around Maharashtra and run an agriculture extension program (Desta Rural Marketing Service) that links large corporations with farmers.