Friday, February 23, 2018

chaar_yaarDay2: After a power-packed first day of performances, Day 2 at Paddy Fields offered the ultimate folk and fusion blend with live music that had the crowd singing and dancing.The atmosphere at Bombay Exhibition Centre was lively throughout the evening. Chaar Yaar, a folk band of four friends performed to soulful compositions, making it a perfect beginner for the day.Dhruv Voyage put up a fantastic show for music enthusiasts who were taken on a beautiful journey with his melodies.The Nooran Sisters created a high-voltage vibe with Punjabi folk, leaving the audience screaming ‘once more’ at the end of the performance.After a terrific performance by Nooran Sisters, the Merchant brothers set the stage on fire with their energetic set. Salim-Sulaiman fused the Manganiyar twist into Bollywood numbers creating an ambience like never before. Paddy Fields, India’s first folk and fusion festival ended on a high-note with ‘Chak de India’ as the final performance by Salim-Sulaiman.The first edition of Paddy Fields in association with Singleton Selections was a tremendous success setting a bar for the future, with the crowd expecting for a bigger and better festival next year