Friday, February 23, 2018

I think the biggest problem in educatRajasthan Budget 2016-2017 in hindi live update highlights pdfion today remains the assessments, because unless we change the assessment format, teaching & learning in schools cannot improve.

So, for that reason I’m really glad that the government has freed CBSE from other forms of assessments, because it was turning into a national assessment body which was overburdening it. CBSE should focus on researching better assessment & examination formats through which a child can be holistically evaluated.

And once we have a more holistic format for assessments, I’m sure teaching & learning in schools will change. Currently, the way assessments are being conducted forces teachers who can teach to follow the test pattern which puts undue pressure on gaming the systems rather than the children’s learning.

This initiative will ensure that the resources are used to create better evaluation methods to help them focus more on the holistic development of our children.

So, I’m sure that with CBSE getting rid of its burden of other entrance examinations, we shall see better & better assessment formats for children and look forward to this positive step which I think is very well intended for the future of our children.