Tuesday, January 23, 2018

1-rOKNBlocNEWsBPI7K5ZK4AWhat is Therappo ? : Therappo is an Online Therapy site which brings together experienced psychologists &counselors to clients who need help. Our secure video-chat platform allows sessions to happen in total privacy while remaining in the comfort of your own space (i.e., home or office)… and we are singularly focused on mental health issues only.

Being a video based site, language is not a barrier – counselor and client can speak the language they mutually prefer.A simple Therapist Search serves up specialists based on several factors such as location, disorder, specialisation etc. Further filtration can be done to suit more requirements


Creator –….Sanjay Sarkar

Therappo is also the ONLY site in India that uses a secure embedded video technology for online counselling sessions. Several psychiatry clinics and websites claim to have “video counselling” but they actually send their customers to other apps like Skype after they have paid and booked.

This can be a huge inconvenience as it requires both counsellor and client to share each other’s skype IDs (if a client doesn’t use Skype then he needs to download and install it first).

Till this is successfully done ahead of the session, the session itself cannot take place.

And having already paid it becomes a pain to cancel the booking. Furthermore sharing each other’s Skype IDs is like sharing mobile numbers – everyone knows that this is not always advisable for formal counselling.

Therappo has its own encrypted video-technology that ensures that the video runs within the browser – no sharing Skype ID, no Google ID nor any downloads whatsoever. This has proven a big help to clients as well as specialists who prefer anonymity & privacy.


Patients don’t have to face uncomfortable situations like running into acquaintances at hospitals and clinics. Most hospitals and clinics are not open 24×7 so its always a struggle to reach a ter work or during lunch breaks. An online system completely does away with this problem allowing the client to choose a slot according to his/her preference.

Convenience of paying through multiple channels such as Credit & Debit Cards, Netbanking & Wallets.

Therappo also has the simplest booking experience compared to other online sites. No phone calls, No therapist unavailability issues, No repeated rescheduling. IT IS EASY, DIRECT & TRULY CERTAIN.


Open Platform : Therappo doesn’t “employ” counsellors. They use our platform for doing sessions with their clients who are unable to travel due to time and distance.C2YUvXjXAAAbWbp

Time FlexibilityTherappo doesn’t demand fixed time commitments like other clinics or websites. Counselors can set their own time & availability on Therappo.

PrivacyTherappo ensures complete professional counselling quality. No need to share personal coordinates such as phone num
ber, email ID.

Transparency : Completely transparent billing system gives a full picture of finances on an everyday basis through the Therapist Dashboard.

Performance : Dashboards also provide aggregate level “competition analysis” for doctors/therapists to know how they are faring vis-à-vis other professionals.

History : Complete treatment history of all clients maintained in Therappo’s system.

Admin Chores : Customer Care efforts are managed under consistent & transparent Customer Support Policies.

No Fixed Fees : ThCotIfXGVIAAX5lnerapist has full control on what s/he charges for sessions as Therappo doesn’t impose a fixed fee.


Apart from conducting “distance counseling” on our video platform, private clinics have a user-friendly option of using Therappo to automatically manage online bookings, appointment/reminders without having to spend on creating & managing these features on with their own staff.

Client data remains securely encrypted and in the possession of each clinic only. Also it helps them increase their client-reach beyond their suburb or the city of their clinic’s location.