Friday, February 23, 2018

Future Genera1449651611-9452li India Life Insurance Company Limited (FGILI) today announced the launch of yet another product in its portfolio of simple to understand and easy to buy products – Future Generali Big Income Multiplier Plan.It is a simple, non-linked, non-participating plan with guaranteed returns which increase over the payout period.

In this product, one can start investing with a minimum premium of Rs 18,000 annually or Rs. 1,500 per month for a fixed period of 12 years. Customers would enjoy an insurance cover till the 14th year after which the payout period commences. Payouts of 1.5x, 2x and 2.5x over 3 evenly distributed blocks of 4 years each are made to customers over a total period of 12 years. The total benfit paid to customers is two times the total premiums paid under the policy.

On the occasion of the launch, Mr. Munish Sharda, Managing Director & CEO, Future Generali Life Insurance said, “We are extremely delighted to bring to our customers a new over-the-counter product with a simplified value proposition. As the name suggests, it guarantees income with a multiplier effect during the payout period. This product is designed keeping in mind the needs of the small savings customers who need to save regularly for specific needs in future. This product is in line with our philosophy of offering simple to understand products which deliver value to both, our customers as well as distributors.