Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Alia_BhattAs a smartphone player that harbors ambitions of captivating the populace of this country with its offerings, Gionee has done itself proud by emerging a hot favorite amongst other emerging players. In a short span of time, it has managed to cross over 1.25 crore customers and the numbers continue to rise every passing day. After the successful launch of S6s smartphone a few months ago, Gionee has announced the launch of another model called A1.

The A1 is a great innovation from Gionee and is backed by a phenomenal design and other noteworthy attributes. While it’s loaded with best-in-class features, the idea is to launch A1 with great fanfare and make it a desirable phone in India.A1 is the first flagship model under #Selfistan and will be followed by the launch of other models under the same umbrella. The main highlight in all these models is that they will all possess a selfie flash. To announce the launch of A1 in India, Gionee has launched a new campaign starring brand ambassador Alia Bhatt. The campaign beats everything done in the past and is well placed to take the world of ‘selfie’ way forward.

Mullen Lintas Delhi has developed an idea called “#Selfiestan”, which is how an ideal world should be. A world of equals and a world where people come closer to each other, where one can express their emotions freely and connect with strangers. ‘#Selfiestan’ as an idea is aimed to differentiate Gionee A1 from any comparison in the world of selfies. Incidentally, Gionee A1 also happens to be great on battery life and other features.

Speaking on the launch of the campaign, Arvind R Vohra, Managing Director & Country Head, Gionee India said: “The Gionee A1 is the new language of fun, laughter and sharing. As we launch the new device in India, we want to offer a new expression to young users today. #Selfiestan is the embodiment of a world where people can express themselves freely and showcase their love for selfies. We at Gionee India are proud to bring our own version of selfies to India with the #Selfiestan campaign. The film reflects the unique concept perfectly.”

The campaign has been made exciting by roping in Alia Bhatt, one of the brand ambassadors of Gionee. Alia Bhatt has done a commendable job in driving the idea of ‘Selfiestan’ further. Mullen Lintas Delhi has designed the campaign to leverage the uniqueness of the content. Given that it’s a new launch of the phone, the campaign starts with a teaser on Outdoors and TV and is backed by aggressive drive across Print, Digital, Radio and Activation as well.

Sharing her views on endorsing the brand idea, actor Alia Bhatt said: “#Selfiestan is truly a special world where you and I can express ourselves freely through selfies. It is one big tribe of selfie lovers who change the notion of selfies being just a narcissistic form of expression to a more inclusive ‘smile-and-the-world-will-smile-with-you’ kind of place. A kind of place where all of us can coexist feeling really amazing, all the time! So I welcome you all to Selfiestan!”