Wednesday, February 21, 2018

CORE Diagnostics, IndiaCoR_JC0UIAAA0BU’s leading clinical laboratory is partnering with Silicon Valley-based CellMax Life to immediately introduce CellMax Life’s genetic cancer risk test and ctDNA-based liquid biopsy throughout India. The two diagnostic advancements hold immense promise to reduce India’s cancer mortality by offering personalized, precision cancer risk assessment and screening.

The rate of survival of cancer victims remains dismal in India. According to estimates, less than 30 percent of people diagnosed with cancer in India survive for more than five years after their diagnosis—an indication that cancer is not diagnosed until later stages, when it becomes difficult to treat them effectively.

The goal of the partnership between CORE Diagnostics and CellMax Life is to empower individuals with personalized and precision cancer risk assessment and screening to enable the earliest possible cancer detection and treatment.

Accurately assessing the risk of cancer relapse allows Oncologists to offer better customized treatments to patients, rather than adopt one-size fits all approach. On the other hand assessing the risk of cancer allows patients to undertake timely preventive measures.