Friday, February 23, 2018

8d89a5fdf7f8145f8d7b13ce43f03089_featured_v2As the Moghul Empire established in India, the world of remarkable Moghlai cuisine was launched, this began the saga of The Biryani, deliciously flavored Saffron colored rice cooked with meats.

The word Biryani originated from the Persian word “Birian” meaning fried actually implicating pressure fried.p1068-14349616845587c7143c07f

A place to experience excellent Biryani would be at Lucky’s situated at a busy crossroad (corner of three lamps as it was known in the olden days) of suburban Bandra, Mumbai. Lucky was established on Friday 9th September 1938 by Mr. Ali Akbar when he came across a car showroom that had not been doing very well.

He took it on monthly rent of INR 150 (a huge sum at that time) and named it Lucky as it proved to be Lucky for him.

Mr. Ali Akbar was an Iranian immigrant from a middle-eastern town called Yazd known as the “City of Windcatchers” famous for its Persian architecture, handicrafts, and Termeh (hand3 (2)woven cloth).

Living within a small community he wished to explore a world beyond and arrived along with some friends in India in 1912.

Back in the 1900s the trend of Irani Restaurants was originated where Lucky plays an ideal example of a traditional Irani Restaurant serving the best KheemaPav that was enjoyed by passionate foodies with a hot cup of tea and newspapers.

“We provided our customers with all the comforts of a rest house as they spent hoursimages (24) sipping tea and relishing the kheemapav with newspapers,” says Mr. Safar Ali, son of Mr. Ali Akbar, a science graduate of Mumbai University.

Mr. Safar Ali along with his brothers and their children looked up to their father as their role model and decided to take forward their father’s legacy and entered the world of hospitality.

With an innovative mind, motivation and dedication he transformed and expanded

Lucky into a fine dining space and residential hotel, keeping in mind the vision of Lucky “Serving to a mass market (Valuep1068-14349566575587b371a1453 for Money dishes).” Mr. Safar Ali along with his son Mr. Mohsen has continued to balance quality management, taste, hygiene and consistency in its services with dedication where the 77 year old father reports to the hotel sharp at 7:00 am taking the legacy forward.

Presently, it has an excellent fine dining space with four A/C sections, one non A/C sec tion and a garden section with a capacity of 280 people at any given time.

The residential hotel comprises of 25 rooms in the same premises including a valet parkingDSC05100_thumb[4] space.

Lucky has also expanded to Goregaon East, which was built in 2009 where the hotel includes 42 rooms and a fine dining space.

Furthermore, Lucky has expanded their famous dishes such as, Chicken Biryani, Mutton Biryani, Mutton Korma, and Butter Chicken to major supermarkets such as Hyper City and Big Bazaar with a long shelf life and quality packaging.

Besides the famous dishes of Lucky Restaurant like Dum Biryani, Butter Chicken and a variety of Kebabs; they are a Multi- Cuisine Restaurant serving Chinese, Iranian cuisines and Sea Food. Lucky also has an open terrace spacb7dd6d7c5b788f78b6ec48339f488aa3ethat accommodates 120 people for an event.

They have also expanded to the fast food section serving sandwiches, burgers, and cakes.

Lucky strives to serve their customers and are open from 9:00 am to 1:00 am in order to keep all the customers content and catering all over Mumbai with a free home delivery system.

They haven’t yet left the history behind; the entrance of the restaurant (the non A/C Section), which was built during the British rule is yet maintained by the Lucky family exhibiting the ancient Irani Restaurant ambience.08aea5785feac30368b0446d9cba988d

Mr. Mohsen the son of Mr. Safar Ali who joined at the age of 18 managing his education and working towards the legacy.

“It’s best to concentrate on your present endeavors rather than branching out just to increase the scale of business.

If I give my 100 percent to our present projects, I can easily fetch a good sum without further expansion.” says Mr. Mohsen.

Lucky believes in value for money and serving every individual, but is also famous between the celebrities. Mr. Mohsen says, “Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt, PriyaDutt, Sohail Khan, Rani Mukherji, VinodKambli, and MF Husaain have dropped by in the past and order in.”e6bbee2e7281603342736ade4718839eThe success of Lucky lies in the personalized attention given to customers by the Husaini family and the rich quality of cuisine offered.