Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Softweave_logoSoftweave has been on the Indian retail scene since November 2015 with its ever-growing range of super soft and absorbent terry towels.Prakash_Gupta

Designed with love and manufactured with care, their towels are 100% cotton & eco-friendly – and are currently making waves in the market with their dramatic Sports Towels range and a host of other new collections.

What sets SoftVineet__Guptaweave apart from the rest? “A keen understanding of the market, dedication to our processes and a customer-centric approach help us stay ahead of the competition,” says Prakash Gupta.

A veteran in terry towel manufacturing and exports, he adds “Softweave was born out of a pressing need to make beautiful and rich towels available acrosREGALs India at an affordable price.

Most brands were dishing out pretty much the same, safe and even boring designs and patterns – we decided to change that.”

Their Sports Range, a current rage in the urban and semi-urban towns, has steadily risen in bothsports popularity and demand. Vineet Gupta, MD of Softweave, has an interesting insight.

“With the sports and fitness trends steadily gaining their fan following across major cities, we noticed that all allied aspects– gyms, gear, accessories, footwear, even mobile apps – swung into action by switching to contemporary designs,RAJPUTANA looks and functionality.

The only item that had not yet caught up was the one item that is indispensable to gym-goers and fitness fanatics – the humble towel 

We decided right there that it was time to change that, and engaged our creative partner Dzynestudio to come up with fresh designsports2s for Sports Towels that stood out from the rest.

A few months from the idea being conceived, we rolled out our first batch of quirky and colourful Sports Towels, complete with vibrant new packaging,” he says.

“The response was great – it surpassed our expectations, actually –RHOMBUS_1 and we received incredible feedback from customers and our channel partners about how the new designs had actually filled a rather huge void in this space.

We’re working on a newer collection now and will make it available later this year,” Vineet adds.


Apart from the hugely popular Sports Towels, Softweave has some eclectic new collections to choose from – the Rajputana Range is reflective of royalty, Chevy Solids is modern chic, Rhombus is a geometric delight, and Regal and Matrix are designed for those who prefer subtle elegance.MATRIX

Thoughtful combo packs sweeten the customer offering, especially for working professionals and smaller family units.

“Our emphasis on design and overall customer experience is what really gives us an edge over the others – and that includes our packaging, too !

Everyone is pretty much on par when it comes to overall product quality.

But, making a product that you instinctively reach out for and want to buy – now that’s a challenge we love to meet!” sums up Vineet.