Friday, February 23, 2018

2379_CLAClarivate Analytics, the former Intellectual Property & Science Business of Thomson Reuters, has unveiled its ‘India Innovation: Trends’ report analyzing the patenting activity in India from 2013-2015. The report briefly touches upon the innovation landscape in Asia and takes a deep dive into key technology sectors of the country

While the number of patent publications in China, India, Indonesia and Malaysia has steadily increased, there has been a downward trend in patent publications in Japan and South Korea as reflected by the compounded-annual-growth-rate. As per the report, India has the highest growth of 26% in terms of published patents amongst the analyzed countries.

Data in the report is compiled using Thomson Innovation, Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI), Derwent Patent Citations Index (PCI) and Thomson Data Analyzer.

Speaking about the report, Arvind Pachhapur, South Asia Head, Clarivate Analytics, said,    ““It is encouraging to witness that innovation in India has gained momentum and grown more diverse over the past few years. India has become a preferred destination for multinational companies to power their R&D.  India headquartered companies are also increasingly proactive in protecting their intellectual property.  Several initiatives by the government aimed at promoting innovation and intellectual property promise to amplify this growth trend.”