Wednesday, February 21, 2018

about-us-imageWe are celebrating the Mother’s Day in a uniqueRevival way.

As a gesture, our habitués of tomorrow are returning something to their mothers, with our team’s help.

We want that mothers coming to Revival should recline on their seats so that her young one(s) can toss up a salad for her starting the 14th May, 2017 till the 21st May, 2017 celebrating the Mother’s Day.

The Revival team at the restaurant is set to help the youngster make and mothers_day_chef_kid_iiserve the salad to their mothers’ liking. 

Revival Indian Thali is the brain child of the Barots of the Vie Hospitality group.

Vie Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. is a Mumbai based family of hoteliers/restaurateurs, who are in the hospitality industry since 1947.

They have set up numerous successful hotels and restaurant brands all over the globe, beginning with the ‘Ishwar Bhuvan’ at Mumbai’s Crawford Market area to the latest “RevivalIndianThaliThe Crawford Market Original”.

The Thali concept has evolved into its current format over the years winning several awards and notable mentions in the media.

The concept has also received a lot of patronage from the rich and elite from all over the world.

Revival Indian Thali restaurants are the paradise of unlimited servings for every vegetarian, with over 900 dishes per moMother_s_Day_May_2017nth and 30 items served on the Thali menu everyday.

In this world, where everyone is fighting for time, Revival Indian Thali is the place where food is cooked as per the slow food concept but served as quickly as possible, so that the waiting time for customers is minimal

The restaurants have the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing experience over lunch or dinner.

Their ambient noises of service are the least in this industry with their unique signature service of the hand sign language. With the “Manwar” style of service in the restaurants, you will always feel like a king being served at home.

It shows at the outlets, as we are the only ones in the trade who serve with the server’s hand always kept under the food and not over the food.

Revival Indian Thali guests always feel light after dining at the restaurants because the entire food is made with trans fat-free oils and pure ghee.