Friday, February 23, 2018

Anjita_Poonia_as_Gaj_in_Sony_SAB_s_Chidiyaghar (1)Sony SAB’s one of the longest running show Chidiyaghar will now take 8 years leap. With moving 8 years further the show will see our cute kids Gillu and Gajjall grown up. The new Gajjwill be donned by AnjitaPoonia. Here is a brief conversation with her.

How does it feels to be part of one of the longest running show Chidiyaghar?

I feel really excited and happy to be the part of this show. It’s like a dream come true. My parents follow the show regularly. Now they will see me acting in the show.

How do you relate yourself to the character of Gajj?

I don’t relate much with Gajj but there are some similarities that I see in the character. I love to eat just like Gajj. I am a happy go lucky person like her who loves to enjoy her life. I am my papa’s most lovable child just like gajj is in chidiyaghar.

This is your first television stint, how do you feel about it?

I feel really different. I come from a theatre background and coming to television I feel contented. I was nervous at the thought of facing the camera for the first time but the cast and crew didn’t let me feel low. They are so friendly and makes us so comfortable on the set that I never felt nervous.

Do you enjoy working for a television show like Chidiyaghar?

Yes, I am enjoying every bit of it. Though I have worked in theatre before but the working style here is different.

Who are your go to person on the set that you connected instantly with?

Babuji(Rajendra Gupta) and Gillu (BhavinBhanushali) were the two I connected instantly on the set.

Starting your television career with a comedy how does it feel?

Comedy is definitely not easy but I feel if you know your character well we can do it easily. I don’t feel any pressure because I enjoy the character. But I always wanted to do comedy as while doing comedy the environment around you is always pleasant.

Tune into Chidiyaghar from 23rd May, Monday – Friday at 8.00pm only on Sony SAB!!