Friday, February 23, 2018

As disruptive innovations and new business models transform organizations and communities around the world, their sustainability is threatened by a17319-icxtontphn-1474033596 plethora of cyber risks. We are already a witness to one of the largest cyber-attacks recently with “WannaCry” impacting the lives of many individuals and enterprises.

Indeed, criminals and nation states are increasingly attacking the technology assets of individuals, organizations and governments, stealing and selling valuable information, and in an alarming trend, paralyzing critical infrastructure. With governments and enterprises increasingly leveraging the internet for mission – critical cyber security continues to remain a top imperative across the world.

Unfortunately, India Inc.’s response to cyber risks has not been robust. India ranks third globally as a source of malicious activities and its enterprises are the sixth-most targeted by cybercriminals. Cyber resilience is a critical boardroom imperative.

The key challenge for Indian companies is that most view cybersecurity as an “IT issue”. Consequently, cyber risks do not get appropriate to
p management attention. This needs to change. The cyber threat landscape continues to evolve and presents new challenges to organizations every day. In response, organizations have learned over decades to defend themselves and respond better, moving from basic measures and ad hoc responses to sophisticated, robust and formal processes