Wednesday, February 21, 2018

10543_originalAnshika Mangal, 12 year old Student of Ryan International School who was on a Student Exchange Programme to Latvia, is eager to share a lot with her parents; as she is back from her eight-days trip from this beautiful Baltic region country of Northern Europe. “Stay away from Androids, value your parents, spend time with them and b
ond well,” is the message Anshika driving home after being influenced by the behavior of the Latvian children she met during her visit. Anshika has an advise too for her parents, “Buy a lot of books and read out at least one story for me.”

Amid the fact that a rising number of Indian school children are getting addicted to Android phones and ignoring the importance of reading books, bonding with parents, the message children like Anshika are driving merits significance. Now, Anshika and many of her school mates have similar learnings from their visit to Latvia and they have now vowed to ‘stay away from Androids, spend more time  with their parents and bond well with them’.

A group of 20 students from Ryan International School from Mumbai, New Delhi and Surat was recently on a visit to Latvia under a Student Exchange Programme with the Elementary School ‘RIDZE’ from Latvia. As a part of this programme, these students had an opportunity to stay with the Latvian host families. During their stay, the children discovered that Latvian children were keeping away from Android phones and not spending too much time in gaming, etc. Instead, besides focusing on studies, reading books and extra-curricular activities, they were spending quality time with their parents and bonding with them. On the other side, the students also observed that the Latvian parents were very particular in engaging with their children by small yet important gestures like reading out stories to them.

Touched to see this behaviour of their counterparts in Latvia, these students have now planned to pass on the message with their friends and fellow students in the school while celebrating the Father’s Day Week. Said delighted Anshika while sharing her experience, “Latvia is beautiful country and so does the education there and so do the people. I am amazed that the children I met there valued relationships with their parents and chose to stay away from the craziness of Androids. They loved reading books and listening to stories from their parents. It was really an eye-opening thing and I have realised, how important it was to bond with parents and not waste too much time in this tech world. I have decided to inculcate the values I learnt there.”

Agreeing with Anshika’s views,The Principal of Ryan International School Malad CBSE quoted “We remembered our childhood days where the entertainment was only stories and we insisted that our parents tell us stories. In today’s world, children have forgotten about the bonding. Today, the parents and their children hardly talk to each other. Now, with this Exchange Programme, our school children had an opportunity to see the culture that is rising abroad and a lesson to learn. I strongly believe that students should travel and explore different cultures that will broaden their horizons in this globalized world.”

 As a part of the exchange program Indian students from Ryan had a workshop on Latvian Folk Dance conducted by Kaspars Lūcis, ceramics workshops conducted by Dominika Misus and a Fine arts workshop by Amanda Lolane and Gunta Redene. Indian Students presented a dance show “Incredible India” at the RIDZE school in Riga. The Latvian audience appreciated the colorful and creative performance by Indian Students.

 Indian students also got a wonderful opportunity to attend a class about Modern Latvian history and see various Latvian folk dances. They also visited the Riga Motor Museum, Latvian National Art Museum, Rail Museum, Bread Factory and the National Library of Riga.