Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Ramaben_Babubhai_Kanakia_pre_primary_school_celebrates_International_Tiger_Day_2Students of Ramaben Babubhai Kanakia Pre Primary School, Mira Road celebrated International Tiger Day. Students created Tiger Stick Puppet, Tiger Glove Puppet and wore them.  

International Tiger is observed on 29th July.  

The Importance of Tiger Conservation

Tigers belong at the top of the food-chain. As a top predator, tigers are critical to proper ecosystem functioning. When ecosystems lack large predator populations, the population of herbivore animals grows at alarmingly fast rates.

This fact, in turn, means that they must consume more and more plants which cause irreparable damage and leaves the ecosystem out of balance.

The absence or decrease of tigers identifies an unhealthy ecosystem. Hopefully, the countries on this list continue their efforts (or improve their efforts) to conserve the tiger species. If this happens, the tiger population is expected to continue growing.