Wednesday, February 21, 2018

On U Mumba’s defence against Haryana Steelers
We played two matches against the Haryana Steelers – one during the first half and one during the second, both were strikingly different. While the first half against the Steelers wasn’t our best effort, the second half was all about aggressive yet responsible play. The coordination in our the defence was missing the mark during the first twenty minutes which lead to us conceding points. The half time break was the game changer for us because that is when the team took their game up a notch. The older players like Anup, Shabeer and Kashi realised their responsibility and went all out but smartly at that. We also brought about some technical changes. Finally the team won – albeit by one point – but a win is a win and this was important . 
On Anup Kumar as a captain
Experience is the most important factor, when it comes to strong encounters like last night. As you know Anup is an exceptional leader. His experience helped him choose the perfect person to go for the raid. He controlled the team’s strategies and aggression to help the team win at the end of it. 
On younger raiders in other teams
As far as young raiders from the opponents go, we need our defenders to step up and control their pace and capture them. As we move ahead the defenders will gauge the pace of the younger, faster raisers and will help the team win.