Sunday, February 25, 2018

_20170808_143457Brahmin Yuva Manch organized an event from 4th to 6th August 2017 at Dattatray Annex, Mulund (East), Mumbai viz. ‘Shravan Mahotsav’. The said event was inaugurated and opening of app launched by them was done at the hands of Mr. Sanjeev Pendharkar, Director, Vicco Laboratories, Mumbai.

The said event is organized to create platform for young upcoming entrepreneurs and exhibition arranged to sell the items dealt with them. Mr. Sanjeev Pendharkar during his speech has explained to them the necessity of taking risks in the business and its corresponding benefits. He said, “your risk can be calculated. When taking a major risk, it is important to calculate the potential results and have contingency plans in place.

He further said you never know until you try. Risk helps to distinguish between leaders and followers and without risk; there is no innovation which can occur. It is a chance to learn. You are driven to learn new skills and overcome the fear of failure. You become more creative. It helps you to clearly define what you really want and not only your self confidence grow, but also you uncover unforeseen opportunities. You learn to trust more because you have to. You do not achieve your dreams by playing it safe.

Mr. Pendharkar also explained the importance of digital marketing and how it is economical.