Sunday, February 25, 2018

Screen_Shot_2017-08-08_at_4.22.54_PMThis week on Splitsvilla X girls are in a mood to have some fun! In the upcoming ‘Baewatch’ task, the girls will not reveal but draw their wildest fantasies out.

Yes you heard it right! This week’s episode will see the girls draw their wildest fantasies on a board while the guys will have to guess who does the drawing belongs to along with guessing what is the drawing! The boys were amused and shocked at the same time, because firstly they couldn’t guess what the drawing was all about and secondly, they underestimated the fantasies of the female contestants.

Speaking about the same a source from the sets said, “The boys were very surprised when the reveal happened as to who drew what fantasies. While someone drew ‘Sex in the forest’ other sketched ‘Making out in rain’. Some fantasies were so wild that you will have to watch the episode to believe it.”

So, what’s your wildest fantasy?

Catch the wildest fantasies of the girls on the 4th episode of Splitsvilla X this Sunday, August 13 at 7pm only on MTV