Sunday, February 25, 2018

DSC_4841The Professional Audio & Lighting Association (PALA) representing the Sound & Lighting Professionals in the 29 States and 7 Union Territories has called for a state wide MUTE DAY on Tuesday 15 August 2017, on the occasion of Independence day & Dahi handi Celebration, to highlight the problems faced due to Misinterpretation of the law; Incorrect Implementation of the ruling dictated by the Supreme Court and Misleading facts presented by a couple of individuals to the competent authorities on Sound Pollution.

All Sound & Light Associations active across Maharashtra have pledged their support to PALA’s call for Unity because the Loudspeaker Ban echoing all across the state has put a serious question mark on the future of the Sound and Light Industry, on the ongoing business and the lakhs of people (families) who are directly impacted, as their livelihood is dependent on the Income generated from the services rendered.logo (14)“The call for the MUTE DAY was very important and crucial at this juncture. We want our pleas and concerns to be heard.

To be honest we have crossed our limits of bearing the atrocities and abuse on our fellow brethren, each time the authorities come down so harsh on us.

In most cases we are treated worse than criminals and frankly the matter has now gotten out of hand. So therefore PALA took a decision to stand by our people and called for this MUTE DAY, just so that we can be heard and we believe that it is a final step in seeking Justice,” says Roger Drego, President of the Professional Audio & Lighting Association.

elektronikFirstly PALA wishes to draw attention to the ‘statements’ by the Police that clearly indicate the Misinterpretation of the law and the Misuse of the power given to the authorities. Here is what they dictate

– DJ (Sound) is banned

– No Loudspeaker License will be issued

– No Sound Contractor License will be renewed

– No Sound will be allowed during Dahi Handi& Ganesh Chaturti and Navratri (be warned they say)

– No Sound Permission for any event be it a college festival, or any music event.

Whereas, there are no such rulings passed by the Supreme Court.