Thursday, February 22, 2018

Courseplay, the leading cloud-based softStartup Stock Photosware enabling quick and affordable online training management and engagement for employees across diverse sectors, has partnered with SeQuent, an integrated pharmaceutical company operating in the domains of Animal Health (API and formulation) and Human Health (API). As part of the alliance, SeQuent will go beyond traditional training for its field force and will roll out thought-provoking employee engagement solutions by Courseplay.

Mumbai-based SeQuent is one of the leading animal and human healthcare companies in the world. Field employees who generally do not have to go office or the ones who operates from home working in silos; keeping such employee committed and constantly motivated to contribute to organization success is a huge challenge. By joining hands with Courseplay, the pharma company will have easy access to customized and innovative employee engagement solutions curated as per the requirements and needs of the organization. Courseplay will be hosting selfie contests, caption contests, scavenger hunts and more using the platform to further drive participation amongst SeQuent’s management team.

Commenting on the partnership, Arjun Gupta, CEO Courseplay said, “For any company intending to empower and engage its employees, it is crucial to find ways of bridging the gap between its technical and human resources and familiarize different teams with the latest resources and relevant knowledge. The employee engagement solutions developed by Courseplay are a combination of innovative and unique activities that will help SeQuent in unravelling the talent of its employees, boost their knowledge and workforce management, thereby ensuring the implementation of best practices for recruitment and performance control.”

SeQuent spokesperson said, “We believe that if a company manages to engage and motivate its employees, it can get them equally passionate about the success of the organization for which they work. This is exactly why we decided to team up with Courseplay for its affordable, unique and highly engaging employee training solutions. Through this association, we are anticipating building an enhanced culture of excellence and open communication in our organization that will empower our employees to achieve the set goals of our business.