Sunday, February 25, 2018

La_Sagrada_Familia__BarcelonaRetirement is a wonderful phase of life, you now have the opportunity to pursue andvisit places you’ve always dreamed of seeing in person.  Senior Citizens going on vacations was a popular and common feature in the western countries for a long time. This trend is now gaining popularity amongst elderly Indians.

In earlier days, older people chose to spend a quiet life after retirement, today they are eager to see the world. With enough money saved by them and not having to look after their independent grown up children, seniors are splurging on holidays. In some cases the children working abroad their parents back in India to travel the world.

Over the recent years, number of seniors travelling for holiday by themselves is growing and this segment is further expected to grow in the coming years.

International trip attract senior travellers as most overseas locations, monuments, theme parks and various attractions have special access for the elderly.

Holiday planners have also started giving important to this segment and they design packages to cater to special needs of the senior citizens during their travel.