Sunday, February 25, 2018

Mexico_5World Architecture Travel (WAT), an international network forarchitectural tours now brings to you a unique travel experience toMexico from October 28th to November 10th, 2017.

The tour is designed, and planned integrating architecture, design, art, andculture metamorphosing into a memorable 360 degrees experience.

The tours are interspersed with a blend of explorations, interactions,lectures, a peek into the lesser known, escapades and much more thatstimulates, enlightens and exhilarates.

The team of professionals andtravelers are bound by the common thread of our intense love andpassion for traveling, places and people. The tour features some ofthe architectural marvels in the region namely Chichen Itza,Cuernavaca, Merida, Puebla, Tulum Ruins among others.