Wednesday, February 21, 2018

OmniActiveOmniActive Health Technologies a leading natural ingredients company promoted by the Mariwala family announced the launch of Setu Wellness Solutions today.

Utilizing OmniActive’s rich legacy in the nutrient extraction and delivery space, Setu offers a range of health supplements under the following categories: Heart, Liver, Digestion, Vision all of which are adversely effected by the modern lifestyle that we lead. With the rising epidemic of diabetes in India, Setu also offers a range of adjuvant supplements for diabetes management.

Mr. Nihaal Mariwala- Founder, Setu said “India’s burgeoning economic growth, rapid urban development and a skilled sedentary work force has led to an alarming increase in the incidence of lifestyle ailments. We are currently dealing with a host of disorders caused by binge eating, alcohol consumption, smoking, pollution, stress etc. In order to tackle these effectively, we need advanced and customized solutions. Setu is a homegrown, digitally native v-commerce brand that aims to revolutionize the market with high-quality, scientifically validated, natural solutions that can significantly enhance the quality of life.  Our aim is to not only address these new age problems but also provide consumers with the knowledge that they would need to make an informed choice about their health.”

Adding to this, Mr. Sanjaya Mariwala- Managing Director, OmniActive Health Technologies said “The Indian nutraceutical industry is estimated to be valued at $2 billion dollars and is set to double in size to $4 billion by 2020. As a proud proponent of Make in India we saw tremendous potential for growth and an opportunity to drive consumer awareness for this segment. With four decades of global experience in the natural ingredients space, it was imperative for us to extend our expertise and cutting-edge research to develop advanced solutions that can address the rising epidemic of lifestyle disorders effectively.”

Given the relatively low awareness on nutraceuticals in India, Setu’s primary focus would be to build knowledge and awareness through engaging content and published research on the efficacy of the natural ingredients used in their products.