Wednesday, February 21, 2018

C_eLqUsU0AA7pBiJust4uloan, India’s fast emerging private sector financial intermediary and a leading online loan syndication portal, announced today, launching of its ten new branches by Non Executive Chairman Shri Jayesh Kala.bZzlC2xA

As a consequence we shall have our presence across the length and breadth of the Country and introduce “Just4uloan” brand and our products and services to the enterprising residents and business communities of this vibrant region, said Shri Krishan Kumar Kalra, President of the Company.

Across the spectrum retailers, wholesalers & SME’s are our potential customers who contributes immensely to this diverse community and obviously constitutes a priority    for “Just4uloan”.

The aforesaid new branches shall be fully operational in 3 months and shall be in tune with our business philosophy.

Our philosophy is to expanDHl6NuGVwAAVciqd  network and provide exceptional Loan & Debt Management, Business Finance and other financing solutions across all major locations of the country, within and outside Maharashtra.

Within the time frame of two years “Just4uloan” has plans to extend its network to both urban and rural areas across the geographical spread.

Just4uloan focuses to Educate the borrower, Empower them to make proper choice, Enhancing its eligibility and Engaging with them throughout the loan tenure.

Customer satisfaction is of prime importance, said Shri V K Raina, conference Chairman.

Just4uloan branches shall be equipped with latest technology to improve customer service and enhance customer satisfaction on a ongoing basis.

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“Just4uloan – Non Executive Chairman Shri Jayesh Kala

The key services provided at these branches shall, interalia, cover assistance to retailers, wholesalers & SME’s who deserve special attention.

Just4uloan shall also focus on education loan and government sponsored loans such as Mudra loan & Standup loan from various Banks and FIs, anticipatory measures towards this area has since been initiated.

“Just4uloan” is committed to offer complete Loan management and advisory services across Project Advisory, Loan Syndication, Structured Debt Placement, Capital Markets, Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Equity and Stressed Assets resolution across all stages of the business cycle.

Shri Jayesh Kala, Non Executive Chairman has outlined business growth vision and his plan to raise capital and line of credit from investors who can make a tangible contribution towards strategic business areas.