Monday, February 19, 2018

Consumer marketing and financial services veteran Nimish Dwivedi has released his first book ‘Marketing Chonicles’Marketing_Chronicles_book_cover, a compendium of Global and local marketing insights from the pre-Smartphone and post-Smartphone eras. From a marketing professional, practitioner and observer, this compendium will be useful for all students of marketing and practitioners. Filled with concepts explained through real examples and cases, the book focuses on insights, interesting concepts and informative observations.

The book coversa vast spectrum of marketing subjects from branding concepts to unique media strategies to segmentation to the power of measurement and metrics. The book released by Notion Press has been created in two parts – Part 1 focuses on Pre Smart Phone Era insights and Part 2 on Post Smart Phone Era Insights. This is noteworthy because the entire marketing framework has undergone a tectonic shift after Smart Phones have become mainstream. All the old rules of branding do not exist or have got fundamentally recast. The “Chronicles” aspect is also important as each concept is linked to a particular year and mentions the brands and campaigns that were relevant during that year. Many of these memorable campaigns and brands may not be known to a whole new generation.

Take the evolution of the concept of conventional “Product Placement” to the evolved “Product Characterization”. Now think about 1999 –where the most feature rich phone was the “Nokia Communicator” and movies like The Saint starring Val Kilmer were popular. Indian audiences could not forget serials like “Wagle Ki Duniya” and a certain brand whose spokesperson was “Lalitaji.” The entire concept is explained using these examples which will help new age readers get a glimpse into that era.

Another unique concept in a world dominated by price offs and promotions is that of “Category Catalysts” and how in 2002 brands in various different categories like Gillette, Allen Solly, Add Gel pens and even Aquafresh toothbrushes became catalysts for their category.

Media planning in 2006 when customers were transforming from ‘passive viewers” to “enabled information seekers” and a totally different 360 degree view based media strategy that this entailed! Also what brands like BMW did during these early stages where the internet was about to become an integral part of our lives

The unique theory of “Customer Interaction Models” which is critical in the post Smartphone era. And how in 2009 Apple had already started harnessing this concept.

During the financial recession of 2009 how Japanese brands ranging from the 100 Yen Stores to fashion brands like Uniqlo harnessed the recession opportunity and emerged as winners.

Human beings may or may not believe in afterlife. But do brands and categories have an afterlife? Laced with real and unique examples from 2009 and before, this is a unique perspective on not just the evolution and the death of brands but on their afterlife.

Can marketing metrics be adapted to measure an entire metropolis specially Mumbai which has seen the worst of flooding and other disasters? A 2010 perspective that only becomes more relevant with each passing year.

Everyone knows about the 4Ps of marketing but in this rapidly changing world a Fifth P had strongly emerged by 2010. Read all about it in this book.