Thursday, February 22, 2018

thick-smog-pollution_9f96b134-a30d-11e6-8b09-4d35dc1d77aa“Delhi NCR has become a gas chamber as the air quality index has crossed the alarming state which is 30 times the World Health Organization’s safe level.

Taking a step to curb the situation, Delhi Government has ordered the closure of all the schools in Delhi until Sunday.

However, NGT and Delhi Government will have to take strong steps as this is just a temporary solution and Delhi kids are at the end of the day inhaling the same toxic air, which is not at all good for their health.

As the situation is close to a severe crisis, it may also increase the cases of asthma, chest pain, nausea, prolonged cold and cough in the children who might or might not already have problems related to breathing.”