Monday, February 19, 2018

Children_Safety_Workshop_by_Kidpower_India_at_The_Resort_Pic1World over more and more children fall prey to abuse everyday India being no different.  While it is not possible to keep a track of every crime and criminal, we can still teach our kids to tackle these abusers and be safe.  Hence, ahead of children’s day kids were empowered in a safety workshop organized by Kidpower India in association with The Resort.

Today children are not safe be it in the real world or the virtual world.  If the real world has abusers, the virtual world has bullies to scare away your child.  According to the statistics there has been a 100 % rise in cases of violence against children in India this year.  As both parents work in cities these rising cases have got them worried about their child’s security.  While it is not possible to drastically change this insecure environment, we are living in today, there are ways to still empower your kids to thwart away unwanted attention.

On this special occasion Mr. Satyajit Kotwal, GM, The Resort says, “ I feel worst a child’s abuse and earlier it is experienced in life….longer it takes for him to get over it and at times can never get over it. I feel educating every child at a correct age to realize what is wrong and informing about it to parents is very essential”.

And it is with this motive Kidpower India had organized a safety workshop for children aged 7-11 years on November 11, 2017 at The Resort.  The workshop aim was to empower today’s kids with tools and means to face their abusers bravely.  It taught them practical and effective ways to think, move, speak and stay safe in challenging personal safety situations.

According to Ms. Sneha Mayekar, Associate Center Director, Kidpower, India, “When it comes to our children we rarely compromise, almost always we make the best choices. Let’s make one such best choice by coaching them “People Safety Skills” that will empower them to take charge of their safety. We are excited to associate with The Resort for this children safety workshop and truly appreciate their sense of responsibility towards Child Safety”.