Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Grand Canal at sunsetDreaming of a wedding in Venice, aspecial proposal in the beauty of Milan, ananniversary in the fascinating Florence or a honeymoon in the ancient Rome? Italian Mela plans your specialoccasion with a touch of Italian and Indian fusion in the yet- undiscovered, the enchanting hidden places and the most delightful locations across Italy. The Italian company is specialised in luxury services with the only aim of delivering each client the most bespoke and entirely customised experience.

Italian Mela delivers the best the Italian peninsula can offer, from breathtaking locations to every kind of Made-in-Italy products in order to create an out of theordinaryvivaah. Italian Mela provides only tailormade solutions, whether it is anormal invitation card to transforming it to an exceptional and mesmerizing invite, the flawless execution of the flower décoron the mandapor a picture perfect background incorporating the client’s personal taste with an Italian touch to the whole function.

The Melais bringing a new way of celebrating with its extravagant services. In Bombay, private parties can be organised in an eye-catching Italian style, whether it is an exciting birthday party or a relaxing kitty party. Back in the Belpaese, Italian Mela does not fail to execute astonishingIndian gatherings and give youa unique atmosphere by blending Italian excellences with Indian tradition.

MissManuela, director of Italian Mela, commented on the celebration of the first year of the company, “We are very happy to celebrate the first anniversary of Italian Mela in India with a great response from the market, especially after the hit Virushka wedding. We would like to introduce the Italian culture to the Indian market delivering unqiue expierences of fusion of the two traditions.Not everyone is familiar with all the pearls that Italy secretly enshrines, we promise to give you the best of our country.”