Tuesday, January 23, 2018

top-up-health-insurance“Healthcare services have played a major role in nation building with the governments focus on developing more and more hospitals in the country. In order to meet these objective it is important that the services rendered to hospitals should keep away from the ambit of GST.

The hospitals should be allowed to claim refund of GST on inputs as it will help the Health Care industry in cost optimization by making the healthcare more affordable. Additionally charitable hospitals should be exempted from GST/ Central Excise/ Service Tax on supply of Disposable, Medicines Implants, stents and Lenses so that more Indigent and poor Patients can be provided Free and  concessional Medical Services, as more funds will be available to serve more needy patients.

The exemption on GST on the inputs will reduce the cost to the hospitals and consequently cost of medical services to a patient, says Dr. P.M Bhujang- President, Association of Hospitals.”