Monday, February 19, 2018

3 players from SouthSUFC United F.C., Bengaluru’s first privately-owned football club, namely Keith Raymond, N. Solaimalai, and Satish Kumar, have qualified to represent Karnataka at the 2017-18 Santosh Trophy.

The selection reinforces the club’s vision to nourish and promote football talent from the grassroots level in India.

South United F.C. intends to continue encouraging local talent and providing a platform for young footballers to prove themselves. South United Football Club aspires to generate employment for young players and provide them with a career path into the professional sporting world and create International level Indian players who will be capable of competing worldwide.

Speaking about the selection of SUFC players for the Santosh Trophy, Mr. Sharan Parikh, Director of South United FC, said,“Since the club’s inception, we have always had some of our players represent the state at the Santosh Trophy.

In the selection process, players were eliminated every 7 to 10 days but our players got selected and their huge potential and efforts have got them here. Additionally, we are thrilled to have our players in the team since Karnataka will be the home ground for hosting the trophy after 48 years. We hope to continue this streak and grow our vision to promote talent from the grassroots level!”