Monday, February 19, 2018


contact_us_bannerIL&FS Education, a leading provider of education solutions in India partners with College Vine, a US based online provider of student mentoring and college admissions guidance, to offer overseas education guidance to Indian schools and families. The services would help Indian students looking for courses, colleges and universities in the United States with career mapping, mentorship and affordable, professional career guidance.

“India is one of the largest markets for higher education in the world,” said Mr. RCM Reddy, CEO of IL&FS Education and Technology Services. “Over the last two decades, while making the transition from Schoolnet to IETS, the organization has continued to innovate and partner in the field of education in terms of designing and developing new learning devices, processes and solutions. Keeping this objective in mind, we wanted to partner with a best of breed innovator to bring U.S. college guidance to our home market”

Schools will make CollegeVine’s software and near-peer mentorship services available to students. Students will get guidance to choose appropriate courses and universities on the basis of their interests and profiles. They will be able to generate college lists, see all deadlines and requirements for applications, develop well prepared and wellpresented profiles, and work directly with counselors to navigate their college applications with minimal stress.

“We think there is a terrific opportunity to open access to American colleges and universities for talented Indian students using our near-peer mentorship model,” said Zack Perkins, CollegeVine co-founder. “We will also be using our data analytics tools and software to best match students to the right schools for them based on profile strength, academic preferences, and financial feasibility. Our solution is years ahead of the traditional brick and mortar consulting services that currently serve students looking to study abroad.”

IL&FS Education will work with 100 schools in the first year in major cities including Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Chennai.