Monday, February 19, 2018

Pune based leading unnamed (4)online discovery platform for salons аnd spas, Fabogo has decided to forego commissions for their recently introduced transactions model.

Fabogo expect this move to help them achieve a high penetration in the merchant side, as most salon & spa venues would be now encouraged to bring their businesses online and start selling their services and packages on Fabogo.
Fabogo claims that this would drive a certain transparency in both price & quality of service for the customers, which in turn will have a positive impact on their overall experience.
Prasanjeet Roy, Co-founder & CEO, Fabogo says, “End of the day, regular people are looking for a simple and convenient way to find and buy a beauty & wellness service which suits their needs, without the worry of being up-sold, or receiving a sub-standard treatment, or being a victim to a sub-standard beauty product.”
As per research conducted by AOL & The Today show, the average woman spends over 55 mins a day thinking about her body and looks. On the other hand, through an internal study conducted amongst it’s users, Fabogo learnt that, they only visit a salon or spa twice a month.
Fabogo claims that, two issues which plagues the customer’s experience which then results in fewer visits to the salon or spa are – price uncertainty and service quality uncertainty.
“In spite of there being a strong intrinsic desire to look good and to pamper ourselves, the big challenge that lies in front of us is – How does this person even find the right service, which suits his/her need at the right price? Speaking to multiple venues over the phone and asking a bunch of queries, is not just intrusive but also cumbersome in nature.” says Roy. “In order to facilitate the growth of this industry, we first have to facilitate effective search & discovery for the user , and then make it simple for him/her to buy that service, with no strings attached.”
This move is part of a key strategy adopted by Fabogo to fulfil its vision, to bridge the gap between the merchants and their customers, in the beauty and wellness space. It comes with immediate effect, in both India and UAE, where Fabogo is present.