Monday, February 19, 2018

d39d5ee1d453c26a9bf492872b1803d9--brings-laserThe Advanced Robotic Blade-Free Laser Cataract procedure in the Western India has been launched at Thane by the Shree Ramkrishna Netralaya here.

Announcing this to news men here today Dr. Nitin Deshpande of the Netralaya a super speciality hospital said that he was happy to announce the launch of all laser free cataract sugery with world’s most advanced Lensar (USA) Technology for the first timein western India.


Dr.Nitin & Dr.Prajakta with Lensar

He conducted the media personnel around the hospital and showed them the facility with the newest technology which only the other four centres have in the entire country.

He further said that the Netralaya was committed towards the best care of the patients and from time to time introduce the most modern technologies awailable worldwide and the present one is the 5th version of the Lensar.

The entire process is cent percent blade freee and the procedure lasts for just 20 seconds after which the patient is free to continue his normal activities.

All openings are made with Femtosecond laser which doesn’t require blades or other mechanical instruments he said.

Incisions are computer programmed leaving no no margin for error. It also reduces energy and heat production during surgery safeguarding delicate structures of the eye and aids in managing most complicated case with ease and precision. Chances of left over cylindrical glass powers post surgery are also reduced significantly.

Dr Suhas Deshpande talking to the media claimed that Shree Ramkrishna Netralaya was one of the earliest in country to adopt this cutting edge technology.


Lensar Cataract Machine

We give maximum importance to accurate, precision and safe surgery which is achieved by the latest technology.

As regards the cost of the procedure he said that the hospital offered fifty percent concession to the patients and would make it affordable to one and all who need it the most.

The duo quoted the latest report where in a study it is stated that those suffering from Cataract is likely to cross over 7.50 crores by 2020 and it is better one takes care of their eyes from now itself.

It has been observed that 50% of the people approach a doctor only after they encounter some problem or the other and never bother about annual check up and eye care.