Monday, February 19, 2018

slider_1903X900_05Watches-Are they really used for telling time ? Not if you have been living under a rock since the past decade. With Smartphones/tablets/iPads taking over this basic function of time telling, watches are used exclusively as a fashion accessory.PB817FRGLB63

Horra ( shall definitely raise your fashion quotient to the next level. The brand has a huge collection of watches for men and women that are all luxuriously crafted to perfection.

These portable timepieces are worn with a sense of pride by both men an d women.  A great watch makes the wearer instinctively feel more confident and stylish.PB817MLW56

The aesthetics and the brand of the watch that one adorns are directly proportional to the wearer’s lifestyle and their position in society. Yes, that is the power of these watches.

Today, we find an array of designs, straps, colors, materials, stones, gems, art deco faces and inlays making it a daunting task to choose any one from the lot.PB817FLRG62

Here’s a list of watches that are creating waves in the fashion circuit these days.

Blingy and bold

When it comes to making a bold fashion statement, we need to choose a watch that is minimal looking yet stands out with its ‘bling’ factor – like tiny diamonds, colorful embellishments, bright colored straps and so on.

Classic watcPB817MLS47hes

No matter what the occasion or how important your next presentation is, you can never go wrong with a classic piece.

The chronograph that is designed to measure lap time has two or three counters, a date or month window andhas an elegant leather strap, making the wearer look stylish instantly.PB817MLBL51

Analog with colorful dials

The watches that are really the ‘IT’ thing to own (no matter what brand you are wearing) are analog watches.

The USP of these watches are that they look spectacular with casual as well as formal attire. Silver, gold, bronze, black or white bracelet bands or textured leather/plastic straps, what’s your take?

Eco-Drive PB817FLRG62watches

These watches run on both artificial light or solar (they receive their power from any source of light) which means that you save money by being eco-friendly! How cool is that?

The energy cells used to run these watches do not contain any harmful chemicals like other batteries. Another plus? They are available in a large variety of designs and styles!PB817FLMP61

Besides these, the watches with minimalist designs, chunkier casing, super-striking colors, black Italian leather straps, trendy plastic casing (anything that makes it a wonderful accessory to own) are the ones to invest in!

Horra Timing Fashion ( is an “everyday-luxury” brand of watches, bags, wallets and accessories.

Products are luxuriously crafted for the youth. Horra is set to reinvent the meaning of luxury with high fashion products with affordable price