Monday, February 19, 2018

12468-003_1760x770 Zicom Electronic Security System, pioneers in the electronic security services industry, has for the first time, ventured into the automobile segment and launched a first-of-its-kind Vehicle Passenger Safety Solution – Street Smart.

Since 1995, the company has been a household name in the field of safety and security. As a leader in the security domain, ZICOM has strived to provide and ensure all-round security and therefore peace of mind to all its customers. The company in 2013-14, identified the power of IoT and leveraged it to benefit consumers with its offerings. Following this ZICOM’s core focus has been towards creating IoT based safety solutions for everything that is a part of a person’s daily life.

A recent report by the Consumer Association of India (Jan 2018), has highlighted that India being the 6th largest car market with 2.03 million passenger cars sold in the country, road accidents in India are highest in the world. Also, about 30 per cent of the deaths are caused due to lack of safety features in Indian cars. Having shared this, ZICOM has identified the importance of an expert security and safety system for vehicles. Towards this, the company has leveraged the power of IoT and specially designed Street Smart to cater to the emerging needs of a discerning road traveler. Through the innovation of Street Smart Solutions, ZICOM is ensuring that the owner of the vehicle is in control of his personal vehicle in case of a theft, speed or breakdown.

Street Smart possesses unique features to ensure the safety of its user mentioned below:

Accident SOS Alert: An alert sent to emergency contacts in case of an accident

Roadside Assistance: In case of a breakdown even in the most isolated areas, Street Smart can connect a user to the ZICOM Command Centre which is available 24/7 and 365 days of the year. This center which is one of the best of its kind, is well-equipped to provide a user real-time assistance anytime, anywhere.

Rash Driving Alert: As Street Smart follows a preventive approach towards safety, it senses the speed over a pre-determined speed limit and sends a rash driving alert to the user to prevent any chance of an accident.

Air Conditioner Alert: Street Smart feature alerts the owner about the usage of the air conditioner in the vehicle whether he is present in the vehicle or someone else is using it

GPS tracking: Tracking the vehicle’s real-time location along with its speed on one’s mobile speed, irrespective whether you are in the vehicle or elsewhere

Towing Alert: Street Smart notifies the user when their car is being towed or in attempt of theft or break-in. This feature especially helps when the user has parked his or her vehicle away from their home due to parking space limitations

Additional features are Car Diagnostics, Performance and Trip Log and Fuel Efficiency Report.

ZICOM aims to capture 30% of the 210 million vehicle passenger safety segment using the IoT platform to capture the market over the next five years. The company is undertaking a go-to-market strategy to touch-base with consumers. Street Smart will be first available online (Amazon + Flipkart + Snapdeal) for B2C consumers and the company is in talks with manufactures, OEMs, insurance and corporates to capture a larger market in the B2B category.

With a history of offering high quality products and solutions to the most complex projects in the country, the name ZICOM has now become synonymous with electronic security in India.

On the launch of Street Smart, Mr. Pramoud Rao, Promoter and Managing Director of ZICOM Electronic Security Systems Ltd, said, “Since our inception, we have been committed towards our goal of making India a safer place to live in. As our journey towards this endeavor continues, we are identifying different areas that require our expertise. The automobile segment is a great opportunity for us to deliver a significant layer of safety to a consumer’s most valuable asset– Personal Vehicle. Our latest innovation, Street Smart grants the user an undeniable advantage in the security of their vehicle. Apart from the ability to track one’s vehicle, Street Smart follows the preventive approach towards accidents, thus granting a user a premium safety and security advantage.”